Monday, July 30, 2012


Lately i've been feeling so overwhelmed that it is debilitating! I feel like i'm at a complete standstill and can't breath, think or even function.  Everything is coming at me from different directions and i don't know where to start. I want to just sit and do nothing but cry.

The "stuff" isn't bad stuff.  Some of it is absolutely amazing stuff. But its stuff just the same.

But i'm a big girl and i'm a strong girl and i can do this.  Its just stuff.  Stuff can be tackled. I just need a starting point and need to go from there. 

so i'm off to do the stuff. I will NOT get sucked into the computer bliss and I will get "stuff" done today!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing day!  


  1. Been there before Stayce!! Praying you will get the energy to work through it! If I lived in CA, I'd come help you!!

  2. :-(
    I know I'm in FL but if I can help you with any "stuff" I will. Just ask.
    Luv ya girl!

  3. Yep...stuff is stuff. Just stuff. Im here for you girl! xoxo



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