Monday, January 3, 2011

is this love or what?

I love my kitty. I do.

But crapola...i didn't realize that this recovery was gonna kick me arse.  He doesn't move his back half very much. It hurts. I know. We give him pain meds every 8 hours. He sleeps alot. He's supposed to wear his party hat 24/7 but he hates it.  I make him wear it at night while we attempt to get some sleep and i make him wear it if i absolutely cannot be with him for any length of time. I ran one little ole errand and came back to my husband wrestling the cat because he ripped his party hat off. ugh.  Sketch (yes the name is very fitting for his crazy ass) has built his new kitty condo (big dog crate) in Jessica's bedroom because its quiet and he can get more rest there. So i've been grounded to her room too. I feel very trapped in there. Sorta like island fever. So i go in the garage because i "think" sketch is sleeping.  Damn cat does the sleep trick WELL. I come back to him trying to get at his staples. He has them on the left and on the right side of both his hips. Devin gave me a much needed break on Saturday and i got to socialize with my family.  lol  But he did come running out telling me sketch got his staples.  Just wanna smack that cat. At 11pm when i'm giving him his nightly does of meds and helping him drain his bladder i notice his would looks odd...yes...he pulled some staples out. Off to the ER AGAIN!  

So this is what my life has become.  I have until Thursday for my 24 hour watch. He will get the staples removed then.  Thank goodness.  Then he can chill in his new pad for the next 60 days like Dr. B said. I'm good with that.  I just gotta make it 4 more days.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can....

I love him 


  1. It's always tough when they're sick. They just don't understand. Good luck!!

  2. Hang in there Stayce. It's so hard to see a pet in pain. I feel for you and will send my prayers and hugs. :)

  3. Our baby Lucy kept pulling at her stitches too. The 'party hat' worked wonders for us. However, she was constantly trying to take it off. I held her in my arms on her back to sleep. Now that is her preferred sleeping position.
    It will get better for you and Sketch (cute name). Hugs and prayers!



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