Thursday, March 25, 2010

lag, lag and more lag....

i've been so stinkin busy that i've completely neglected my poor old blog.  Its been a very crazy few weeks.

It all started with the massage delivery of girl scout cookies for the start of cookie season.  i'm what you call the "cookie cupboard" for our area.  So basically i'm the local supplier of cookies to all the local troops for their booths. In the first 2 days i went through 16,000 YES i said 16 THOUSAND cookies. it was insanity. 

 26311_321628401450_652796450_3634131_1389847_n  Left side of the garage

26311_321630386450_652796450_3634132_4716920_n right side of the garge.

So glad they all got picked up yesterday :)

Jimmy and i ran off to New York for 4 days. What a great trip! We're going to go back in November for Thanksgiving. We'll go to my uncles for Turkey and then spend the rest of the weekend in the city :)

 IMG_0020  Time Square

IMG_0038  Statue of Liberty

IMG_0059 THE Subway

IMG_9374 the view from liberty Island

IMG_9389 47th & Broadway

I don't want to  bore you with any more pictures. I think you get the idea. We had a GREAT time.

My beautiful Bella has been over to visit.

 IMG_9726  IMG_9760
She makes my family happy :)

and last but not least....

Who is going to join me on a scrapbooking cruise?

  •  7 Night Mexican Riviera Cruise

  • Sails October 10th from Los Angeles

  • Featuring Classes and the latest techniques with Stayce DeWid and Liz Hicks

want more info: 

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