Wednesday, October 8, 2008

its a better week...

This week is far better than last. We had 2 trips to the ER on Monday for Derek's arm but we got all the issues resolved by 1am. ugh  He's in a hard cast now and that makes me feel better. Less chance of injury.  He's feeling much better and the pain is not nearly as severe as it was. We have an appointment with the orthopaedic office on Friday to remove the cast, check the wound and recast it. They say its healing great but it sure is UGLY. We were informed at the dr's office that they had considered amputation because of the severity. They told him he was a miracle because he has feeling and movement and didn't die from the blood loss. Whoever's blood he got must've been a great person because he truly seems to be changed. But i guess that might have something to do with 2 near death experiences. ;)

I'm going to post a picture of the laceration with the staples in it. BE WARNED ITS GROSS!!!

I actually scrapped today, not 1 but 3 layouts. I'm taking the Design your life class with Cathy Z so that got me motivated to get 2 done. Its nice to get my mind off things anyway.

I used the GORGEOUS Scrapbook Deals 4 U kit for 1 of my layouts :)

IMG_1989  IMG_1990  IMG_1991 


now scroll down.....way down if you want to see Derek's wound.

This picture was taken with my phone and its after they removed his splint before they put on the cast. This is after 2 surgeries









Derek1 This is the inner part of his right arm there is only about 3 inches that did not get completely cut.


now how gross is that?!!! The scra is going to be nasty


  1. Adding you to my prayer list and sending you hugs! Glad to hear he's got sensation back. That's awesome!

  2. may be ugly but it is a miracle!!!
    Glad things are moving forward.
    Hope to see you soon!!!

  3. WOW! ICK!! The second pic doesn't even look real. What a tuff guy!! I bet this will be a real conversation-starter..."How'd you get that scar?"



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