Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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I've been in San Diego since Thursday evening. I went to teach some classes and check out the show. I was super nervous prior to the show and actually almost had a nervous breakdown. But once i got there and all my stuff was ready...i was good to go :) So all went well. The classes were super fun and the people i met were even better!!!

The kids ended up coming down with Jimmy and doing their own thing while i taught and walked the show. We made a weekend of it. We also went down to Mexico for super yummy street tacos and then headed over to the San Diego mission and back up the coast to home. Here are a few shots of our adventure.

Here is our hotel


IMG_1761 This is the view to the right from our room.
IMG_1762 This is straight out off our balcony.

IMG_1790 This is a really cool view from the middle of the escalator straight across the convention center.

IMG_1812 Old Town San Diego was amazing. Loved all the old buildings and styles.

IMG_1856 We stopped in Mexico for lunch.

IMG_1860 We also made a stop at the beautiful San Diego Mission. There was so much history to be taken in.

My beautiful girl asked if she could stop and say a prayer in their old chapel. it was so very sweet.


I will post some more picture of our trip to Mexico tomorrow.

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  1. Hey girl...glad the expo went well for you!
    Hope to see you soon!



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