Tuesday, June 10, 2008

outta touch

Looks like i survived. BARELY

I was in Yosemite all last week chaperoning my daughters 8th grade field trip.  Not sure what i was thinking but i did survive.  There were 180 13-14 year old boys AND girls.  GREAT mix. lol

The bus would've been fine if one of the other buses wouldn't have broken down.  Not the way to start off the trip. After sitting in a road stop for 2 hours for a new bus we got back on track.  All was well when we landed in Yosemite.  What a site that place is.  Stunning is the only word that comes to mind. We got all the kids in their cabins, ate dinner and laid down for a good night of sleep.  WRONG...damn boys thought they would sneak out at 3am.  I heard them out there.  stinkers.

6am up and at em. oi  Breakfast and off to our hikes.  10 miles this day. We hiked to Bridalveil falls and Old inspiration point. Death warmed over i tell ya. Usual routine for the night and beddy by.  WRONG...no boys this time.  A freakin bear instead.  She had the cutest stinkin babies with her. But that made for an angry momma. The boys caddy corner from me were "scared" (buncha girls ;)  ) and came in my tent to hide. Once the bear came down and walked away, they went back to their own tent.

Up and at em again...Hike 2, I think 10 or so miles. Dinner stuff and bears AGAIN.  This time she decided she was going to stand up and bang on the boys door.  Made for an interesting night. 

Last hike...get lost (thanks Mr. Becker), ended up the most sheer cliff i've ever seen.  Just wanted to sit down and wait for Jimmy to pick me up.  HATED!  another prolly 13 miles.  Lots of sore muscles, sweat and tears. Glad this day was over.  Bears came back but visited another row (thank goodness) and we were leaving the next day.

Nice ride home.  Still can't believe I survived.....

Straight into end of year activites for the kids schools.  Kelcee graduates tomorrow. Can't believe that. :(  My girl is growing into such a beautiful young lady.  Got my hair done.  Added some purple to it.  fun for the summer.

now its bed time.  Long and boring recap but its done :)


  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a heck of a trip, my friend! How about some pictures? Purple hair?

  2. what's up with the purple! i need to see a picture! where did you add this purple?



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