Wednesday, May 7, 2008

blogger, blogger where for art thou blogger?

MIA...yep that would be me.

The flu invaded my house like germs on drugs. So not fun. Jessa and Jimmy were the only 2 who didn't get infected. Jessa got smart and left town. Jimmy roughed it and seemed to have survived. We can't afford for him to be sick. The icks seemed to have left the building. there are some remnants but overall we all seem to be back to normal. THANK GOD!

So Jessa and Megan went to Stagecoach on Thursday night. The concert began Friday and coninued until Sunday night. My dad also went but him and Kelly had seats whereas Jessa and Megan were in the general admission seating. But did that stop them? NO. I get these sporadic phone calls from the girls throughout the weekend. oi vey!  One was "hi mom, we're on stage".  WTH!  How'd you get on stage?  Good lord, i guess its good to be a girl. lol  Then another call was "mom...we just fit 30 people in a 4 man tent".  I didn't ask.  Didn't want to know. She said they had the BEST time ever at a concert. She said they would go again just to camp with the people because they were just cool like that. At least the girls avoided the sickness AND had fun while doing it.

I've got alot to do. :(  I have to have 4 classes done by the 23rd for San Diego Scrapbook Expo I get to teach some classes there :)  YAY me. Pretty excited about that.

i did make and takes at Once Upon a Memory in Huntington Beach for NSD. Met some fun people and had fun doing demos for Stix2. Stix has some fabulous 3d PVA glue and foils and some super blingy glitter.  I was a walking glitter ball when i left there. So much fun.  Thanks to Lynn for having me ;)

guess i must work now....

peace out homies!

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